Archie's Karaoke Housewarming Party

WHERE: Currently the lab but ending up at Archie's new place
TIME: Early Friday morning, just a mere few hours till shifts end
RATING: Lets start off with PG-13 (cause alcohol can do some crazy things to people)

When it came to partying, Greg Sanders always felt like he was the man that gave it 110% every time. That is until he became good buddies with Archie Johnson, the labs AV tech. Little did many know that the lab rat was very much the party goer as Greg was, so when Greg found out, he was super thrilled that he had someone that was thinking along the same way lengths. Now the man was throwing his own party. A housewarming party on top of that and Greg was in high spirits and full of energy the last several hours of his shift.

Stepping into the prints lab, the young man grabbed Mandy by the hand, startling her from her work, and spun her around a couple of times in the typical dance move, dipping her at the end as she laughed, making him smile down at her. Pulling her upright again he grinned, plopping down on a vacant chair next to her. "So is Archie's party tonight going to be graced with such beauty?" He asked, lifting her chin with his knuckle. He knew all about her relationship with Nick, but he couldn't help but flirt with her in a playful manner, just to see how much he could get away with before Nick stepped in. Not that he'd press his luck, but there was nothing wrong with a little harmless fun. When he saw her smile and nod while her cheeks turned a light shade of rose, he smiled back. He was going to have a little fun with her and Nick tonight, just because he could.

Letting her get back to her work, Greg darted out of the lab when he saw Archie on the move. Hurrying up behind him, Greg planted his hand in the other man's shoulder and grinned. "Dude, tonight is going to be a wild time. I'm getting antsy just thinking about it." He laughed when the tech nodded and laughed himself. "I have a list of things I gotta do tonight. Get drunk, get dear ol' daddy, 'Hodges', drunk again, hit on Ronnie, introduce myself to all the hot babes I won't know there that somehow know'll be the party of the ages!"
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The Ultimate Prank (part 3) - Nothing goes according to plan

WHO - Hodges/Nick/Greg/Archie...and possibly others
WHEN - Late Thursday night
RATING - PG-13...maybe higher

If anyone knew anything about the cynical and snarky trace tech of the LVPD, was that they really didn't know him. Never once did he feel the need nor the desire to make his past public to anyone, and that even included the lovely Miss Simms. So when, of all people, Nick Stokes spoke word of his daughter, who he was supposed to know nothing about, that no one was suppose to know about, David felt his knees weaken and his world shatter as he stopped himself from making his way down the stairs and sat down. His narrowed icy glare toward the three men at the bottom of the staircase was quickly replaced with a rare look of devastation and pain as he brought his hand up to his face and dropped his head to try and hide a sudden explosion of emotion.

Taking a deep breath to compose himself the best he could, David violently stood, and made his way the rest of the way down the stairs, snatching his cell phone from Greg's outstretched hand avoiding all eye contact. He pushed his way passed his colleagues, flipping his cell open in the same motion and found his way outside to look for his car. He couldn't pinpoint if it was the alcohol at that moment, or the state of shock from the news that had him not thinking clearly, but when he received no answer when he redialed the number several times, he finally threw the phone against the brick of Heather Kessler's home as panic and desperation set in. "Damnit!!"

The Ultimate Prank - Part 2 - The Fun Begins....

 Who: Greg/Archie/Nick/Hodges - with special guest ;)
Where: In and around Vegas
When: Thursday Night - 8 ish
Rating: Pg-13 start...possibility turning into R

Getting out of his car in the parking lot of the Jet night club, Nick ran a hand through his hair as he slid his wallet that he'd picked up from the center console into his back pocket. Leaning up against the front he patiently waits until he sees Archie, Greg and the man of the night David Hodges get out of a car that was parked a few spots down. It was going to be a very interesting night....for everyone as it turns out. He had a feeling that he'd need a drink before going to the establishment of choice at the end of the night. Not being there for at least 3 months was going to change things, especially now with Mandy in the picture...or out of the picture....hell he wasn't even sure what was going on there if he was honest with himself. 

Politely declining an offer for a drink from a petitte blonde that introduced herself as Megan, Nick gave her his best smile immediately seeing as she wasn't buying his reason...being the designated driver. Laughing a bit he scratches the back of his neck. "I have a girlfriend...I'm sorry." He says getting a raise of an eyebrow and a quick glance around to see no girl but herself. "I came out to have some drinks with friends from work.....I'm not really looking for anything else. Sorry..." Getting a nod and a look that said 'you're loss' but the words that came out was an apology as well Nick shook his head with a smile as he watches her walk away. So he did technically least he thought. His status with Mandy was unknown at that point....but they were talking through they were technically the next in line with each other if a date was going to happen. 

Turning his attention to his friends that were now finally approaching he gave Hodges a shake of his head, actually feeling pity for the man, but turns to Greg. "What's goin' on Sanders.....I ain't seen you in close to a week."

Return To Vegas

Who: Nick/Mandy
When: 3 Days after San Diego
Where: Vegas
Rating: PG

Since arriving back in Vegas, and after the demise of something he wasn't even sure what to call between Mandy and himself, Nick had tried to go on about his daily life. He had kept his days off from the lab, but had called Grissom to let him know he'd be on standby if they absolutely had to have him. Arriving home, to his empty house, he had went straight to bed the night he'd returned from San Diego and got up feeling somewhat better about what he'd done. Mandy had to realize what had happened. Maybe when her mind was clear they could talk about it, maybe go out to get a bite to eat or something and sort things out. But not before. 

The next few days Nick did meaningless household chores as well as mowed his lawn, strictly staying at home instead of out and about in town. Talking with Heather over his current situation for nearly two hours on the second day back home had done him good. She saw where he was coming from and told him positive things. It had cleared his head just like he had expected. 

Waking up that morning, Nick finishes up his laundry, puts it away before grabbing his keys and deciding to finally leave the house. He wasn't moping around so to speak but was honestly afraid of going anywhere knowing that somehow he'd run into Mandy. Walking into Starbucks, not really wanting to pay three bucks for a cup of coffee but Frank's was a prime hangout for their lab, he orders something to drink and goes to sit down beside the window opting to stay for a while. 

After adding creamer and stirring it up, Nick took a sip just as the one person he had been trying to avoid for another couple of days came inside. She must've had the same thoughts about the diner as he had. Looking out the window as if he didn't see her, Nick could hear Mandy ordering something to drink and the sound of her voice broke his heart. It sent her saddened face rushing back to his brain from that day on the beach, how he could hear her voice break in spots, trying hard not to cry in front of him. He hadn't spoken to her in three days now, so taking out his phone he thought he should at least say hello in some manner. Looking at her brought back his lustful thoughts and as he opens up a new text message he had to force them out of his mind. Those thoughts was what got them into this mess to start with. 

Hey...there's an extra seat if you want to join me. Back corner. Sending the text he sat his phone down on the table as she reaches into her purse to pay for her order. They were still friends in his eyes so there shouldn't be anything wrong with inviting her to sit down.

The Ultimate Prank

Who: Anyone and everyone
Where:  The crime lab / the city of Las Vegas
When:  The present
Rating:  PG / PG-13

Who else better to pull off the ultimate prank within the Las Vegas crime lab then one Greg Sanders, and his brain was working over time as he sat in the break room, waiting for his Blue Hawaiian coffee to brew. His target? The cranky trace tech! The one man, he loved to get the better of, but in order to pull this off successfully, he was going to need the assistance of whoever was willing to partake in the challenge. He had several ideas floating about, but he needed someone to bounce them off of, get their opinions and suggestions to make this prank unforgettable.

Upon completion of his coffee, Greg poured himself up a cup and sat back on the small couch that was tucked to one side of the small room, a huge grin plastered across his face as he plotted, waiting for the first person to step foot inside the doorway.

GSR: San Francisco

Who: Sara/Gil
When:  7:00 pm
Where: outside San Francisco/home
Rating: PG

Sara Sidle walked the empty stretch of beach back to her home, carrying the recyclable bag of organic food, thinking about calling Grissom again. She got tired so easily these days, and she was tired already, but she missed his voice. Just the sound of it comforted her in ways that nothing else could. She wished things were different. She had loved her life in Vegas, until she found herself stranded in the desert, left for dead. Before then there were risks she and Grissom had both taken that she never thought twice about. Since that day, every time she sat foot in the field, she had an overwhelming fear that she would die. Her therapist called that fear 'post-traumatic stress disorder', although when Grissom asked, she always referred to it as simply 'burn out'. It was more than that, much more. 

A flutter of her stomach brought her out of her darker thoughts and she  put a hand on her stomach to reassure herself as she stopped a moment to rest. She smiled, feeling the baby kick, a new feeling to her, one that never got old. She was panicked at first when she discovered she was pregnant, afraid her body hadn't healed enough from her ordeal, afraid she couldn't handle being a mother, much less by herself. She had even thought about adoption, briefly, for just a day. She hadn't told Grissom yet, but she was taking everything moment by moment, day by day.

She stood again, resumed walking, seeing the house she'd rented in the distance. It was small, repairs needed to be done, but it was quaint, peaceful, and the only real home she'd ever known. The bed and breakfast, with all the different strangers running and out constantly, never felt like home. The apartments she rented over the years, just a place to sleep when she wasn't at school or work. Even Gil's apartment, the only other place she'd been happy, was his, not hers. This time, she finally had a home.

She saw a car parked out front, not the mail truck, not her rental car, but a small sedan she was unaccustomed to. She walked closer and saw the figure of someone sitting inside it, reaching instinctively for her gun, some form of protection, before remembering she'd locked it away during one of the saner moments of her breakdown. As if they knew she was afraid, the person got out and she smiled, tears threatening to run down her face.


San Diego

Who: Nick/Mandy
When: 11:30 am
Where: San Diego / Arrival at hotel
Rating: PG-13  turning into a heavy R

Sitting his now empty bag out of the way, Nick looks out the double glass doors that lead out to the balcony. San Diego wasn't a bad place he was finding out. Quite a change from the lights on the strip back home. It wasn't as if he was there for a vacation so to speak, he was there to help out a friend so her social status with old friends wouldn't be compromised. Wasn't a hard job but he couldn't understand why she'd let such a small detail almost keep her from coming. But he supposed that was a woman for you. Always worrying about the small things, never the large ones. He hadn't went to his high school reunion due to a string of 419's that week it was going on but he didn't have regrets. He still stayed in contact with the people that mattered to him and it wasn't as if he'd actually remember half of the people that came to chat with him.
Turning from the doors he opens the door that adjoins the two rooms together and knocks lightly. Hearing what he thought was 'Come on in' he turns the knob and goes into a room that was identical to his own. The rooms weren't anything fancy but how much could a CSI and a print tech afford for the duration of their stay there? Wasn't as if they could go to the Hilton and still be able to pay rent the next week. Giving Mandy a smile when he caught her glance before she took her things into the bathroom he took a seat on the edge of the bed.
Looking around he notices how much of a neat freak she still was but that was okay. The world needed these kinds of people, otherwise everything would look like his house and that was a disaster most of the time. He had hung out with Mandy maybe once outside of work but this would be their first real trip they've taken together. Riding in the same car to Lake Mead with friends didn't exactly count. It would do them good friendship wise he supposed. Maybe get to know each other a little better and upon arrival back home gain a closer relationship with each other. He just wondered if they could actually find enough things to talk about.
When she came out of the bathroom he covers his mouth to hide a yawn feeling the lack of sleep getting the better of him and gave her an apologetic smile when she looks at him. "Sorry....I think I got around 3 hours of sleep before we left. Grissom had me working a scene until one of the girls from days could get there." Getting a smile from her he lays back on the bed from where he was sitting, feet still planted on the floor, hands under his head as a pillow. "So what exactly do you need me to do at this reunion again? I kinda need our story in case I'm the one getting questioned and not you."

San Diego Bound (part 2 of high school reunions)


Nick and Mandy
WHERE: Las Vegas/San Diego
WHEN: Present time ( 8:22am)
RATING: PG13 + (just in case, cause you never know how things could turn out)

With a suitcase and carry on packed and sitting by the door of her and Wendy's modest little apartment, Mandy continued to rush about, trying to go over the mental list in her head of things she still had to do. After changing for the third time in the past 45 minutes, she still wasn't happy with the attire she had chosen to wear on her slender frame. She wanted to make sure she looked the best she could for the company she was traveling with.

Mandy let out a defeated sigh as she stood looking at herself in the mirror of the bathroom, finally accepting the clothing she'd been wearing. A pair of camo colored cargo capris, a comfy yet fitted long sleeved collared white shirt with a yellow tank top with lace trim, under. Stylish, and comfortable, the way she liked it. "Good enough!" She said, taking one last look at herself in the mirror and smiled. "After all, we're just friends."

Slipping her glasses off, the young prints analyst proceeded to put her contacts in, trying to tone down the 'lab geek' look. Never wearing the contacts to work due to the long hours and dryness from the air conditioning of the lab, Mandy felt like a completely different person without the glasses sitting on the bridge of her nose. She rustled her fingers through her hair and walked back out into the kitchen to gather up the necessary documents for the trip. Two plane tickets, check, hotel reservations papers, check, rental car papers, check and of course all the information needed for the reunion itself. All she needed now, was her traveling companion.

She looked at her mobile phone in hopes that she didn't miss his call, as she tucked the last few items she'd need into her carry on, and placed the documents she had gathered up, neatly into her purse. In a couple of hours, she was going to be en route back home, and she was a bundle of nerves.

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WHO: Wendy and Hodges, and anyone else who wants to join in
WHERE: DNA lab/Trace lab of the Las Vegas Crime Lab
WHEN: 3am on a busy night

Wendy held the test tube up to the light and studied it in puzzlement.
She could have sworn that was a human hair in there, Nick had sworn it was human when he dropped it in earlier. But the DNA had come back non-human, and she knew what she had to do. Having to do it and wanting to do it though were two different things, and she sat there for a full minute longer before plucking up the will power to get up and take the evidence across the hall to trace.

She really did not want to see Hodges, not tonight, not when she was already exhausted and no doubt not looking her best. Not that she cared what Hodges thought of her appearance of course, that was the last thing on her mind, but she just didn't think she was up to coping with any more of his verbal abuse right now. Usually she could keep up with it, give as good as she got, but right now all she wanted to do was go home and sleep for a week. She honestly didn't know how swing shift did it, working weird hours, finishing in the middle of the night... give her a full night's work any day... or night... And she still hadn't forgiven him for the Mindy Bimms thing either.

She frowned, and stood up, taking a deep breath before marching purposefully across the hall. Without even looking Hodges she plonked the test tube in his rack and began to back out before speaking.

"That's not human, it's yours," she spoke in a rush, wanting to escape before he could say something stupid and get her all wound up again.

Then she realized what she had actually said, and felt herself blushing. Without her consent her tired eyes roamed to rest on the dark head which bent over the 'scope, sliding down over the slim back encased in a very unflattering lab coat before blinking and looking away to the floor.

"I don't mean it's yours," she tried to backtrack, "I mean it's for you to analyze."

She bit her lip and stood with her back to the door, holding onto the door frame as though it was a lifeline.

High School Reunions (and all that goes with it)

WHO: Mainly Nick and Mandy, but definitely open to all, if so inclined...all are welcomed
WHERE: Print Lab / Break Room of the Las Vegas Crime Lab
WHEN: Slow, but typical evening at work
RATING: Umm... lets start off with PG-13

Reunions could be one of two things. Either extremely exciting, where you reconnect with old friends, talk about the good old days, and getting the updates on all your school mates. Who is with who, who got married or divorced, who got a pile of youngsters, and... well, you get the point. Or it could be the worst experience of your life! Having to face your past, answering the annoying questions of, marriage and kids, when you have neither! Of course this would be followed up with the odd looks, and behind the back gossip.

The real question was did she want to go? Did she want to face her old friends on the arm of no one and with no photo's of children in her purse? To sit alone as others laughed and joked about their families and careers, to watch from the side lines as all the couples danced?

Mandy stared blankly at the cream colored invitation, letting out a disappointed sigh, before tossing it aside, amongst several papers that sat on her lab table, not realizing that she wasn't the only one occupying the print lab of the Las Vegas Crime Lab.